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Ioannou, Christina (PhD Student)

Social Cognition Group, LNC, ENS
First floor, right
29, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

Phone: +33-1 44 32 26 38
Fax: +33-1 44 32 29 74
Email: christina.ioannou@ens.fr


I am interested in the perception of socio-emotional signals in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Specifically, I investigate the processing of threatening emotions, namely anger and fear, and the use of these emotions for preparation of adaptive responses, in adolescents with ASC. 



Ioannou C., El Zein M., Wyart V., Scheid I., Amsellem F., Delorme R., Chevallier* C., & Grèzes* J. (2017). Shared mechanism for emotion processing in adolescents with and without autism. Scientific Reports, 7

Neufeld*, J., Ioannou*, C., Korb, S., Schilbach, L., & Chakrabarti, B. (2015). Spontaneous Facial Mimicry is Modulated by Joint Attention and Autistic Traits. Autism Research.