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Equipe Group for Neural Theory

The Group for Neural Theory was founded in 2005 as part of the Institut d'Etudes de la Cognition (IEC) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris. Since January 2009, we are also affiliated with the INSERM Unité 960 (Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives). Our main research goal is to understand the basis of information processing in the brain by identifying links between neural dynamics and neural function. To that end, we investigate a broad range of topics in computational neuroscience, including models of probabilistic inference, feature integration and statistical learning in neuronal architectures; models of drug addiction; models of spiking and non-spiking recurrent networks; models of short-term memory and decision-making; spike-based learning algorithms; short-term synaptic plasticity.


TBA, 2017

New Ideas in Theoretical Neuroscience - TBA





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There are PhD and Postdoctoral positions available in the group of Sophie Deneve (contact sophie.deneve@ens.fr), and in the group of Srdjan Ostojic (contact srdjan.ostojic@ens.fr)

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